About Walt Douglas


walt douglasHello – I’m Walt Douglas. Not long after I moved to Detroit as a young computer programmer, my life was changed by an event that had a profound effect on American social and economic history. The 1967 Detroit Rebellion – better known as the worst urban “riot” of the decade — convinced me to become a business-oriented social activist. Eventually, I led New Detroit Inc., the nation’s top urban coalition of community and business interests. Later, I took advantage of the new opportunities New Detroit helped to create to become a business owner myself. A partner and I purchased Avis Ford, a Detroit-area dealership founded by the creator of Avis Rent a Car, and still one of America’s leading sellers of Ford cars and trucks. I tell the story of my dramatic transition from social activism to business success in The Activist Entrepreneur: What I Learned about Business at the Urban Coalition and My Proven Keys to Personal and Career Success. In the process, I share what I’ve learned from others and from my own experiences about power politics; productive partnerships; choosing and financing good business investments; best management practices; how to fight for the deal you want; and passing a family business on to the next generation. My book also shares my insight on networking; overcoming bigotry and bias; child rearing; and staying happily married – even after a half-century with the same person! I think you’ll enjoy my journey . . . I know I have.

What I Learned About Business at the Urban Coalition
& Other Keys to Career and Personal Success

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